Disney World Parks

Disney Pin Trading 101

Pin Trading at Disney World: An Overview

Probably the most popular Disney activity is Pin Trading. If you visit Disney World, you will see many guests walking around the parks with lanyards full on pins weighing them down. Each pin with a different story of how the guest got it. Disney Pin trading started in the 1990s, and while it’s not an official disney activity it has become the most popular. It is also one that Disney supports having many cast members trading pins with guests. The great thing about Pin trading is that you can make it what you want. Disney has so many different pins ...
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Ring in 202 at Disney World

Ring in 2020 Disney Style

2020 is quickly approaching. Have you made plans to ring in the new year? If you are looking for a spectacular way to bring in 2020, you should consider checking out some of the events planned around Disney World. Each park will have their own unique celebrations along with many parties at the resorts. Rooftop Celebrations If you are looking for a great evening dinner and Firework show make sure you book your reservations at one of these 3 rooftop restaurants. Reserve early as these are great locations to watch fireworks. New Years eve fireworks at Disney will of course ...
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Galaxy's Edge

Galaxy’s Edge: Hit or Miss?

So we finally were able to get around to visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios new Galaxy 's Edge land, a few months ago. Since it’s opening there has been a lot of of controversy over it. Some guests love the land. Some say it’s to much. There is speculation that it did not draw in the crowds that Disney World was hoping for. I am not a diehard Star Wars fan, but I have watched most of the series. From my perspective, Disney World imagineers did an excellent job recreating the land to represent what was depicted from the movies. If ...
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2019 Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays

Christmas is a favorite time of the year for many people. The 2019 Festival of the Holidays begins November 29 and continues through December 30th. The festival allows guest to enjoy special treats and holiday festivities from around the world. The highlight event for many guests looking to enjoy the Festival of the Holidays. Lets dive into all that the Festival of the Holidays has to offer guest. If you have experienced the iconic Food and Wine festival, you can get a sense of what this holiday festival will have to offer. A party at Epcot would not be complete ...
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Disney World Fun Facts

Fun Facts of Disney World

There is so much more to Disney World than Cinderella’s Castle and Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately there is still a large number of people who don’t know that there is a lot more to Disney World than Magic Kingdom. It’s amazing the number of people who will show up to Disney World, still thinking its just the one park. There are 100s of Disney World Facts. Here are the top 12 fun facts you will want to know before your next vacation Walt Disney World in Orlando consist of 4 theme parks, (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom), 2 ...
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Must have Disney Apps

Must have Apps for Disney World

Everywhere you walk today you always see people with their heads down looking at their phone screens playing on some sort of app. Not paying attention to what’s going on around them. This gets very annoying when trying to navigate the crowds at Disney World. It amazes me how many people will be walking around the parks but will have their head down staring at their phone’s screen. However there are excellent excuses to be looking at your phone while at Disney World, but it shouldn’t be constantly. You do not want to miss out on a magical moment your ...
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New Attractions coming to Disney World

New Attractions at Disney World

Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary is coming up on October 1, 2021. Disney has been getting busy preparing for this event. Disney is always updating and adjusting our experiences at Disney World. We will see a lot of new attractions when the 50th Anniversary in October 2021 occurs. Epcot will probaby see the most changes. If it has been a while since you have visited, expect the parks to be a lot different than what you remember. We are excited for all these changes coming to Disney World. Disney will be introducing new attractions, restaurants and experiences for guests of ...
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Christmas at Disney World

Christmas is a favorite time of year for most people. We all love driving around the neighborhoods looking at the Christmas lights and decorations. Who doesn't love all the smells of Christmas as well? Christmas is our favorite holiday of the year. Christmas at Disney brings a whole new level to the holiday festivities. Spending time at Disney World during Christmas is one of your favorite times of the year. Because there is so much for you to do at Disney World during Christmas. There are Christmas events around the Parks, Resorts and Disney Springs. If you are staying on ...
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Souvenirs to Collect at Disney

Fun Souvenirs to Collect at Disney World

You have just spent all your money on a magical trip to Disney World for your family. Everybody is going to want souvenirs from the trip. You can easily walk into any store in Disney and spend several hundred dollars on various souvenirs and gifts. Many which will end up either broken before the end of the trip or buried in the kids toy chest when you get home. It’s OK to splurge on some souvenirs. Go ahead and get the large Buzz toy. Why not get them excited about other souvenirs that they can get while at Disney. The ...
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Free activities at disney world

Free Activities at Disney World

You have just spent a ton of money on your magical vacation to Disney World. You are trying to do everything you can to make it special for your kids and have them enjoy it. Searching Pinterest you can find all sorts of activities to do around Disney World. You may be surprised at the number of free activities for you and the family around Disney World. Some of the free activities do require a park ticket. Once you get into the parks, it will be easy to spend a lot of money making your kids happy. Disney offers a ...
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Memory Maker is it worth it?

Disney’s Memory Maker

You are heading off to Disney World for a magical vacation and you want to be able to capture all the magical moments. Fear not, Disney World has photographers scattered throughout the parks. They will capture those magical moments. You will spot the photographers at many of the iconic landmarks around Disney, all the character meet and greets, and sometimes just wondering throughout the parks. Additionally, many of the attractions have automated cameras to capture moments from the attractions. If you are getting your photo taken by a Disney photographer, make sure to scan your magicband. This will link the ...
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Disney Skyliner Closed Indefinitely

Disney’s Skyliner closed Indefinitely

Update October 14, 2019 @8:00am Disney’s Skyliner has officially reopened as of this morning and is operating normally. Disney’s Skyliner. Now open. #disneyworld #disneyskyliner pic.twitter.com/yr5zOtofRA— WDWorld Adventures (@wdwadventure) October 14, 2019 Update October 7, 2019 @11:30pm Disney World has finally released a statement regarding the accident that occurred on Saturday evening. “We have a team diligently looking into the cause of the malfunction on the Epcot line of the Disney Skyliner. We have been in contact with the guests, many of whom were on the Skyliner for more than three hours until we were able to restart the system. We ...
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Disney’s Memory Maker Introduces new way to preserve your Photos.

You are just gotten home from your magical vacation with 100s of photos and videos on your camera. Having to Remember to download them to your computer so you can save and share them years from now. Don’t forget about all your PhotoPass photos set to expire soon. Are you are the kind of person who worries about your computer crashing and losing all your photos, that you were saving to embarrass your kids with at your weddings? Disney just introduced a new feature that will preserve your PhotoPass photos without you having to do any additional work. No more ...
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Early Morning Magic

Early Morning Magic

Disney is bringing back the Early Morning Magic to Disney's Magic Kingdom. Do you want to enjoy a potion of Magic Kingdom with fewer crowds or are you trying to complete the 4 parks challenge. Whatever your reason may be, getting early access to the parks seems to be a must these days for Disney enthusiasts. However, do not mix the Early Morning Magic with Extra magic hours. These are two separate events. This early Morning Magic experience will allow guest that are not staying on property, early first access to Magic Kingdom. Let me start by saying this is ...
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Disney World Events 2020


There is more going on at Disney than you may expect. There is more to Disney World than just the 4 theme parks and dozens of resorts. The real magic of Disney comes out in their various events they host throughout the year, that will trickle into the parks. If you are planning an upcoming vacation to Disney, why not arrange it and visit Disney during one of these special events. Do you love food? Why not come to Disney during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Do you enjoy Christmas? Check out the Christmas Lane at Disney Springs. Throughout ...
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Disney Parks Backpack

Disney Parks Bag!

What to pack for a Day at the Parks Even for a Disney veteran, deciding what to pack in your Disney bag can be a challenging task. You definitely don’t want to under pack, however you don’t want to over pack and carry a bunch of other stuff around. As a newbie to the parks it can be daunting to figure out what you should and shouldn’t pack in your Disney bag. I am the person who will always under pack for a trip to Disney. I hate carrying extra stuff around the parks. Especially when I end up having ...
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How to afford your next Disney Trip

How to afford a trip to Disney

Your kids have been begging you for months now to take you to Disney and wont leave you alone about it. You want to say yes to them and provide them with the trip of a lifetime to Disney World. You know they will make memories that will last a lifetime at Disney regardless of their age. All you hear are people talking about the outrageous costs of going to disney. In fact a trip to Disney can be expensive, especially when you start booking a room at a resort, getting your park tickets and buying meals. The cost of ...
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Ride Height Requirement Feature Image

Disney World Ride Height Requirements

For attractions that have height requirements, there are measurements stations at the entry to each ride and cast members are standing by to measure your child’s height, however it is possible for them to get missed at this point and make it all the way through the line and end up getting turned away because they are not tall enough for the roller coaster. If your child is right there on the line, one cast member may say they are tall enough to ride, while another one later down the line may say no. While planning a trip to Disney ...
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