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Everywhere you walk today you always see people with their heads down looking at their phone screens playing on some sort of app. Not paying attention to what’s going on around them. This gets very annoying when trying to navigate the crowds at Disney World. It amazes me how many people will be walking around the parks but will have their head down staring at their phone’s screen.

However there are excellent excuses to be looking at your phone while at Disney World, but it shouldn’t be constantly. You do not want to miss out on a magical moment your child will have while at Disney World.

There are hundreds of apps to make your trip at Disney World more magical. These apps will help you plan your trip, navigate around everywhere, take photos, keep notes, etc. No need to pull out the spiral notebook to plan out your entire trip.

If you are preparing for your next adventure to Disney World and are packing your smartphone, we have several apps that will help you plan your vacation, navigate the parks and keep the kids entertained while standing in line to meet Mickey and Minnie.

We know that storage and memory on your phone is always at a premium so we will tell you which apps you need before and during your stay, so you can maintain plenty of storage for all those photos you want to take while at Disney.

If you happen to be worried about using your data, don’t worry you can get access to free WiFi’s all over Walt Disney World.

6 Must Have Apps

1. MyDisneyExperience App

Official Disney App. Available on Apple and Android

This is the must have app for anyone going to Disney World. Over the years, Disney has done an excellent improving and expanding this app and now eliminates the need for several other apps.

Once you have booked and paid for your vacation. The My Disney Experience app will become your best friend. With this app you can check-in for your resort, book dining reservations, FastPasses, purchase park and special event tickets, order food, check out attraction wait times, view MemoryMaker. About the only thing you can’t do with this app is book your resort rooms.

The My Disney Experience App is only for Walt Disney World Orlando. If you are going to any of the other Properties you will need their app.

2. Disney Countdown Apps

You have just booked your Magical Vacation and the countdown has begun. Why not download and have an app that tracks how many days, hours and minutes left until your vacation.

There are various countdown apps available on Apple and Android that you can download. Two of our favorites are:

Countdown for Disney by Bit3 Computing

DIO Countdown by IMRlabs

Once you get to Disney for your vacation, you can delete this app and free up the space on your phone.

3. Play Disney Parks

Play Disney

Official Disney App. Available on Apple and Android.

The Play Disney app is an excellent app to have for waiting in those long lines to get on the attractions. Many of the attractions have games that your kids can play on while waiting for the rides.

Download this App once you get to your resort or park for your vacation to save room on your phone.

4. Shop Disney

Official Disney App. Available of Apple and Android

Looking to purchase some Disney merchandise before, during or after your trip then you will need the Shop Disney App. In this app you can purchase all sorts of merchandise including Park specific merchandise.

The one downside we have noticed with this app is not having the ability to find where merchandise is located at in the Parks. Before Disney World upgraded this app early this year, They also had an app known as Shop Disney Parks, which would allow you to search for merchandise and find out where it is located at around Disney.

If you plan to do a lot of shopping at Disney World, download this app. Otherwise you may be able to get away without it.

5. Magic Guides

Non-Official Disney App. Available on Apple of Android

While the MyDisneyExperience has almost everything you would need during your magical vacation, many people will download and use other third-party apps. Out of these various apps this one is my favorite due to the simplicity. If you haven’t been able to mess around with the MyDisneyExperience App, it can be a little confusing.

The Magic Guides uses a very simple list interface which provides wait times, show times, dining and park hours. If you purchase their premium app you can get access to a bathroom finder at Disney World.

You can wait and download this app once you arrive at Disney World for you vacation.

6. Disney World Lines (TP)

Non official Disney App. Available on Apple and Android.

This app has many of the same features as other apps. The features include wait times and park hours. We like this app because it offers a crowd level estimate. For people that visit Disney a lot knowing the crowd levels is important.

These are the 6 must have apps any guest visiting Disney World will need to have to make their trip more enjoyable. What is your must have app for your trip to Disney?

Other great apps to make your trip easier.

Weather Apps

While at Disney you will want to be able to check on the weather during your stay. This will help you better plan your visit. There are hundreds of various downloadable weather apps from free apps to paid apps.

Our family uses the Weather Channel app and Storm Radar to keep an eye on the weather.


If you are driving down for your vacation. Waze is an excellent traffic and GPS app you should use for your drive down to Disney. Orlando is a busy city navigate through and the roads and signs are sometimes confusing. Waze will help you easily navigate to your destination and help avoid traffic jams.


If you are staying on property you will have access to all of Disneys transportation at no cost to you. Sometimes the wait for a bus or monorail can take a while and you may be cramped in the bus for the 30 minute ride back to your hotel. If you don’t want to wait around for the Bus to get to your dinner reservations, you can use Disney’s Minnie Van Service.

Disney has partnered with Lyft and created the Minnie Van service, which provides Lyft service between select Disney resorts and other attractions around Disney World. The best part of the Minnie Van’s is they are operated by Disney Castmembers, so you know you will be getting a well maintained vehicle and professional driver.

I personally feel that the quality of drivers for Lyft are better than Uber. Whenever I need a ride, Lyft seems to almost always have some sort of deal going on.

Friend Tracker

Keeping track of a large party can be difficult when you choose to divide and conquer the parks and/or resorts. A friend tracking app comes in handy for checking in on everyone’s location (especially those teens who never text you back). A little bit of time before heading to the parks to make sure everyone is sharing their locations within the app is helpful. 


Disney+ App

Official Disney App. Available on Apple and Android.

This is the newest must have Disney App. With the release on Disney+ back on Nov 12th. You can now have access to a ton of Disney related movies and TV shows.

Radio Disney

Radio Disney

Official Disney App. Available on Apple and Android. Cost: Free.

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music? When Disney music is mentioned most people will think of songs such as “Let it Go” or “Circle of Life.” However with Disney’s reach, their collection on music stretches much farther than you may think. Check out Radio Disney to listen to all the greatest songs.

Radio stations on Radio Disney

Sorcerer Radio

Sorcerer Radio

Available on Apple and Android. Cost: Free

Do you enjoy the music that is played around Disney World? The Sorcerer Radio app is an excellent choice. While the app doesn’t have a lot of flexibility in terms of selecting the music choices. It does play through a wide variety of the music around the parks and resorts.

Hidden Mickey

Hidden Mickey Challenge

Non-Official Disney App. Available on Apple and Android. Cost $7.99

If you enjoy searching Disney World for Hidden Mickey’s this app is a must for you. While it doesn’t give away the exact location of every hidden mickey around Disney World. The app does help narrow down their location and help you keep track of which hidden mickey’s you have found.

WDW Today Channel

Available on Apple and Android. Cost: Free

WDW Today Channel

Have you stayed at Disney? The WDW Today Channel has become our son’s favorite channel while staying on property at Disney World. In the resorts the Today Channel, gives guests details of all the daily resort activities and park activities. Unfortunately, the app won’t give you resort specific details. the App will play the wonderful background music and give you the daily activities of the parks.

There are 100s of potentially great apps to use for your next magical vacation to Disney World. These are our go to Disney apps and ones that we always seem to go back to and use for every trip to Disney World. What is your favorite app to use while at Disney World?

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