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You are heading off to Disney World for a magical vacation and you want to be able to capture all the magical moments. Fear not, Disney World has photographers scattered throughout the parks. They will capture those magical moments. You will spot the photographers at many of the iconic landmarks around Disney, all the character meet and greets, and sometimes just wondering throughout the parks. Additionally, many of the attractions have automated cameras to capture moments from the attractions.

If you are getting your photo taken by a Disney photographer, make sure to scan your magicband. This will link the photos the photographer took to your account so you can view them later. Disney gives you the ability to purchase these photos for a small fee. This could add up quick if you are getting a lot of photos taken while at Disney World

Disney World offers a service known as Memory Maker. Which offers the guests, the ability to download all their PhotoPass photos and purchase prints at a discounted price.

Cost of Memory Maker

Adding the Memory Maker to your Disney vacation package will cost you $169 if purchased in advanced of your stay. However if you purchase it once you are already on property it will run you $199 dollars. You can purchase Memory Maker by logging into your MyDisneyExperience app.

What will be the costs of getting photos without Memory Maker? Disney gives you the option to purchase photos on a daily basis for $69.99 or $16.95 per photo. You will need to purchase 12 individual photos or 3 days worth of photos. So if you plan on spending more than 3 days at Disney World the costs associated with Memory Maker will be worth it.

From the image below you can see the price of purchasing an individual photo and some of the extras your can purchase as well.

Disney Memory Maker screenshot

12 photos may seem like a lot, however there are more than 12 rides which offer in ride photos and and dozens of photo opportunities throughout the parks.

What does it include?

What are you getting with Disney’s Memory Maker?

  • You will have access to view all your PhotoPass photos for 45 days.
  • Unlimited downloads of all the photos.
  • Discounts on PhotoPass prints at Disney World.
  • Ride Photos
  • Skilled Photographers throughout the parks.
  • Photos with all the charactors
  • Photographers at the prime locations sometimes with props.

It is important to remember that these photos are only available for 45 after they are taken. After that day they will be lost forever. If this is a concern for you, check out Disney’s Archive USB.

Is it Worth It?

If you and your family are wanting to capture photos with characters around Disney World or want those iconic shots then the Memory Maker may be for you.

I have always been hesitant about the price of Disney’s Memory Maker and if it would be worth the cost. For the longest time, I really hadn’t seen the reason to purchase it. With today’s smartphones you can easily snap high quality photos right on your phone, so what’s the need.

After a recent trip to Disney world with my son my mind was changed. Our son hadn’t really been big on meeting the characters until this visit. However this visit meeting the characters seemed to be only thing he wanted to do. As we stood in line waiting, I noticed how the photographers were always snapping photos of the family and characters. It wasn’t just when they were standing there with the character, they took photos of the kids as they were running up to mickey or staring at him while he signed their autograph books.

They were able to capture photos we as parents would never be able to capture, especially if you are juggling more than one child, a stroller and your bags. After previewing some of the photos on my phone, I had my mind changed about the Memory Maker.

If you are an annual passholder or will be getting a lot of photos taken during your visit then the Memory Maker is for you

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